Monday, April 6, 2020

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Beantown VBC Staff

Andy Mather (

Director of Beantown VBC                
As the program coordinator and Beantown VBC Director, Andy oversees operations of club and coaching staff.  He is in charge of evaluating our effectiveness to offer a quality program, and communicates with participants, coaches and parents.


As Beantown’s Treasurer, this position is responsible for developing and overseeing budget and operation costs such as coaches’ contract/salaries and registrations and developing our club database.

Peter Suxho (
Head Coach and Technical Director

Peter Suxho, former Albania National coach, is our premier Beantown VBC coach.  As the head coach at Beantown, he oversees coaching staff assignments, curriculum and mentoring other coaches. He evaluates our coaches’ techniques, statistical collection and analysis.

Todd Elwell (                                             
Operations Manager

As Operations Manager, Todd manages all facility reservations, uniforms, and equipment as well as data compilation and registration during try-outs.

Julie Zomar (
Director of Marketing

As the Director of Marketing, Julie creates demand for BVC and generates interest by managing the website, branding, advertising and collateral to enhance our program outreach. She also coordinates the promotions for all of our Beantown programs.

Kelley Leary (                                      
Beantown Fall Ball Coordinator

As Beantown’s Fall Ball Coordinator, Kelley manages set-up and breakdown at the facility, coordinates officials, develops pool play for each session as well as the season-end tournament and manages all Fall Ball awards and prizes.